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International Africa Trees Day

International Africa Trees Day

International Africa Trees Day
"Plant a tree…Promote the peace"

Ensure environmental sustainability (MDG)

This petition was started at the World Launching in September 21, 2007. The aim was to collect signatures from the 14.000 18-30 years old volunteers from 190 countries who were attending the gathering in Geneva, Switzerland. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response that was received during the camp, the petition is now open to anyone that is concerned about the state Africa Trees.

The Intergovernmental panel on climate change's report 2007 estimated that modern man and his technology are the main reasons of the climate change, and if we continue like this we shall destroy ourselves. The protection of our planet and the conservation of nature has been a core aim of the United Nations youth club of Egypt. Therefore, a group of youth starts a mega-campaign under the title "the Int'l Africa Trees Day," for spreading the environmental culture among youth, particularly in remote areas throughout Africa.

The philosophy on which Africa World Trees Day, is
We've to think of those who have to walk to enjoy their time.
Increase space for trees, parks and green view.
Offer environmental awareness programs for public.
Allow people to experience the incredible nature everywhere.
Help people that do not yet plant a tree.
Highlight the UN agencies' effort for nature.
Conserve nature is working for peace.
Promote peace and good-will among people around the world.


- Strengthen the participation of youth in the environmental programs at all levels, particularly promote "Billion Tree Campaign," of UNEP, in order to increase the contribution to national development and international cooperation.

- Promote the environmental activities and coordinating mechanism as integral parts of social and economic development, in cooperation with both governmental and non-governmental organization.

- Enhance the awareness of climate change, through sessions, workshops and events as plant trees, as well as clean up the Nile, Red Sea and Mediterranean.

- Conserve Africa wonderful trees as a part of our responsibility towards our future.

We asking everyone to be an instrument for peace and take "the Int'l Africa Trees Day," as his commitment.

This day is fondly dedicated to H.E. Mrs. Wangari Maathi,

"When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope."
Wangari Maathi,
Nobel Peace Laureate 2004
Founder, Green Belt Movement

Why you won't want to miss "Int'l Africa Trees Day?"

"The Int'l Africa Trees Day," offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase youth's ability of service or development and demonstrate to the world the remarkable power of youth committed to serving their communities and working for peace. Therefore, it's about time we act and do something for our planet.

"Every year the world loses some 32 million acres of forest, mostly in Africa and Latin America."
Achim Steiner,
Executive Director, UNEP

The Int'l Africa Trees Day's organizing committee on behalf of Mr. Mohab El-Shorbagi would like to thank H.E. Mr. Bill Clinton, H.E. Mr. Al Gore, and
H.E. Prince. Harry Charles.

This petition will be passed on to the United Nations.

Thank you for your signatures.

31 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Mazhar El-Shorbagi Egypt Sep 26, 2007
Akram M.El-Gendi Egypt Nov 29, 2007
Josh Auerbach United States Nov 29, 2007
Jonathan-Frank Canada Oct 4, 2008
erika Australia Dec 8, 2008
Johanny Arilexis Pérez Sierra Costa Rica Mar 25, 2009
Danish Khan MCSE, MCT, MCTS, MCITP, MCP, CompTIA A+ & CompTIA Network+ Certified Saudi Arabia Mar 25, 2009
Shoaib Khan India Apr 3, 2009
Vishalinee Canada Apr 18, 2009
Suneboy Nepal Apr 26, 2009
Leonvde New Zealand Jun 30, 2009
alex Germany Oct 28, 2009
Trent United States Oct 29, 2009
Kim Jorret Antigua & Barbuda Nov 20, 2009
john United States Mar 22, 2010
United States Jul 26, 2010
Nancy Roussy Canada Feb 19, 2011
Danuta Watola Poland Feb 19, 2011
Mette Kissell Norway Feb 20, 2011
Chris Beal United Kingdom Feb 20, 2011
K Precht United States Feb 22, 2011
Stefano Italy Sep 18, 2013
JimmiXS Isle of Man Aug 14, 2016
JerryVaf Norfolk Island Nov 18, 2016
Barnypok Isle of Man Dec 30, 2016
TommyJaf Romania Feb 12, 2017
Shubham Agarwal India May 17, 2019
Robertwer Yemen Aug 28, 2019
Josuenus Honduras Jul 13, 2021
artoncraftscn Oman Aug 30, 2021
RobertBoype Uganda Oct 19, 2021

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