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Access to food

Access to food

With a growing world's population, access to food, particularly healthy food needs to be a priority in our communities, schools, and governments. Money or geographic location should not be the determining factor in deciding who gets to eat a healthy meal.

We need to stop the commercialization and politicizing of food, and ensure that the world's population, especially young children, are guaranteed unrestricted access to the food resources they need to survive.

33 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
S Canada Jul 18, 2008
DakotaStorm Australia Aug 23, 2008
damon Papua New Guinea Sep 13, 2008
Medha Sharma Nepal Apr 29, 2009
Suneboy Nepal Apr 29, 2009
Sase/Steph New Zealand May 14, 2009
Lin Namibia May 14, 2009
Shoaib Khan India May 14, 2009
alesha Canada Feb 13, 2010
United States Jun 12, 2010
Mohamed El kashash Egypt Jun 24, 2010
AalanJenny United States Oct 4, 2010
Achyut Raj Pandey Nepal Oct 27, 2010
sahar Yemen Nov 8, 2010
Sue Crothall Jan 9, 2013
Chelsea Miller United States Oct 29, 2014
Ichigo Ngoc Vietnam Dec 8, 2014
Oliver Guenoun Australia Dec 20, 2014
Rory Canada Jan 6, 2015
cosmas amwayi Kenya Apr 9, 2015
JESSLYN Indonesia Apr 15, 2015
Jennifer Olivia Indonesia Apr 15, 2015
Shawn Moola United States Apr 26, 2015
Isra Canada Nov 3, 2015
Peyton Manitowabi Afghanistan Dec 17, 2015
devin Canada Apr 13, 2016
jana yousef Lebanon Jul 21, 2016
JimmiXS Isle of Man Aug 12, 2016
Adrien Burundi Mar 16, 2017
Hunter DeLoche United States Mar 22, 2017
Dang Tung Vietnam Jul 3, 2017
JimmiNu Isle of Man Sep 10, 2017
JimmiNi Isle of Man Oct 22, 2017

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Recent Comments

  • Vietnam

    Dang Tung

    Jul 3, 2017

    Váy, đầm giá sỉ | Share and connect around the world with people that care about the same issues you do!

  • Burundi


    Mar 16, 2017

    Des milliers de personnes n'ont pas à manger . ils sont confrontés aux problemes de santé notamment en Afrique. On doit tout faire pour venir en aide. Et la prévention est à prendre en compte. Adrien!

  • Lebanon

    jana yousef

    Jul 21, 2016

    Some people are so hungry that they see God in a loaf of bread ~Ghandi~
    Food: a human's least need!

  • Indonesia

    Jennifer Olivia

    Apr 15, 2015

    It is interesting, we will also do Fun-raising in Indonesia to give our contribution.

  • Indonesia


    Apr 15, 2015

    we will do anything to support this organisation like helping the poor. KEEP IT UP!!!