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Alberta Oil Sands - Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

This Petition closed on Jan 1, 2015

Alberta Oil Sands - Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

Despite set goals to reduce greenhouse emissions in Alberta, the efforts to reduce the print have only been partially completed. This will lead to slow but steady environment degradation unless drastic steps are taken to implement a new Climate Change Strategy for the region.

"The environmental monitoring plan for the oil sands remains without a solid funding plan or governance model. Crucial guidelines and regulations for a land-use plan in the oil sands region remain blanks.

Standards supposedly required for new oil sands projects such as Imperial Oil's Kearl mine still aren't in place, despite the fact Kearl is now producing."


43 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Fatimah Hasnain Mirza Canada Jul 16, 2014
Hadassah Louis Thailand Jul 17, 2014
Anna Karro United States Jul 19, 2014
Roscoe L. Oster United States Jul 22, 2014
Ashi Mann Canada Jul 22, 2014
Farhad Iran Jul 30, 2014
Sharon Larson United States Aug 30, 2014
Rory Canada Sep 10, 2014
Dan Maguire United States Sep 22, 2014
Mac Grossman United States Sep 22, 2014
Shivani India Oct 28, 2014
Lorraine Smoot United States Nov 11, 2014
Savoury Chef Canada Nov 18, 2014
Roman Dominski Poland Nov 29, 2014
Shoaib Khan India Dec 2, 2014
Sergiu Romania Jan 30, 2015
qwautx Russia Feb 20, 2015
Allan Kaopua United States May 1, 2015
hefzlbbk Russia Jun 19, 2015
Abigail Dyson United States Jul 27, 2015
chloe lancaster-marchant United Kingdom Aug 4, 2015
Oliver Guenoun Australia Aug 23, 2015
yaseen United Kingdom Sep 11, 2015
Genna Clement United States Sep 23, 2015
Evan Winther Canada Nov 3, 2015
eleni Stefanidis Canada Jan 4, 2016
keqfywae Isle of Man Jan 7, 2016
Mark Isle of Man Jan 30, 2016
vubqkqiqwv Isle of Man Mar 12, 2016
Joe webb United States Mar 29, 2016
sltzhna Isle of Man May 6, 2016
mbskgjxkj Isle of Man May 6, 2016
gwywxqbu Isle of Man May 11, 2016
Mark Isle of Man May 11, 2016
Joshua Isle of Man Jun 21, 2016
JimmiXS Isle of Man Aug 7, 2016
JimmiXzS Isle of Man Oct 14, 2016
Barnypok Isle of Man Dec 28, 2016
Barnypok Isle of Man Apr 2, 2017
Hank Jagodzinski United States Jun 29, 2017
Barnypok Isle of Man Jul 6, 2017
JimmiNu Isle of Man Sep 9, 2017
JimmiNi Isle of Man Oct 20, 2017

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Recent Comments

  • United Kingdom


    Sep 11, 2015

    please sign by petition save the children of uganda

  • United Kingdom

    chloe lancaster-marchant

    Aug 4, 2015

    we only have one world

  • Canada

    Savoury Chef

    Nov 18, 2014


  • United States

    Mac Grossman

    Sep 22, 2014

    my butt itches!

  • United States

    Dan Maguire

    Sep 22, 2014

    I hate the earth, but I lost a bet so

  • United States

    Sharon Larson

    Aug 30, 2014

    This planet is all we have. There will be no second chances!