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Keep Charlie and Joey Together on Australia's Home & Away! Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Rights!

Keep Charlie and Joey Together on Australia's Home & Away! Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Rights!

This petition is to keep Home and Away's new lesbian couple, Charlie and Joey together, and to help people understand that Love is Love, pure and simple. It should transcend all barriers and prejudices. Just because society deems something wrong or abnormal, doesn't mean it is. People have to accept and embrace the fact that gays, lesbians and bisexuals are as human as any of us, and they have the right to fall in Love with whoever they want as well as to stay in that relationship happily just like everyone else.

PS: When you sign this, it'd be even better to both sign and comment. That way, if this makes it into the press, they'll get to see all your views and opinions. It'll be creating awareness and helping out the gay, lesbian and bisexual community too. THANKS!

3489 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
iiaqntsfa Germany Mar 16, 2014
gagzqjr Germany Mar 9, 2014
spomwnqckpq France Nov 25, 2013
ibylzfs United States Aug 2, 2013
Hannah United States Jul 1, 2013
Berivan Bilbay Turkey May 9, 2013
Fatmagül Kurt Turkey Apr 25, 2013
Angela Canada Apr 15, 2013
Dwight S. Wolf United States Jan 23, 2013
tiffany United States Jan 14, 2013
jersi Fiji Jan 6, 2013
lostsoulsaveme Australia Dec 10, 2012
Michael Thomas O'Flaherty United Kingdom Nov 9, 2012
William H. Sherrick United States Sep 16, 2012

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