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We, the undersigned Vietnamese Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, ASEAN members, and multi ethnic groups of overseas Chinese from different states would like to raise collective concerns of the global security being threatened by Chinese expansionism with disrespect for human rights, environmental issues, its greediness for oil and power in the South China Sea and in the Middle East.

Recent tragedies in Xinjiang, Tibet, Myanmar, South China Sea following the overbearing Beijing 2008 Olympics and the unforgettable Tiananmen Square Massacre continue to raise global concerns about China’s aggressiveness to its own people and its neighbors.

This petition is signed by Asian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, communities of ASEAN members, and multiple ethnic groups of overseas Chinese requests China to immediately stop its aggressiveness and conform to the Charter of the United Nations, respecting international laws, human rights, protect the environment, stop destroying our good earth.

801 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
aya suhaida Malaysia Feb 19, 2014
Dianne Philippines Jan 23, 2014
Kelly United States Dec 6, 2013
Bích Ngọc Nguyễn United States Dec 6, 2013
Kaitlyn Dinh United States Dec 6, 2013
Tram Ngo United States Nov 24, 2013
Free Dating sites Canada Aug 10, 2013
Thi Nguyen United Kingdom Jun 25, 2013
Charlie Nguyen United Kingdom Jun 25, 2013
Cris jun ladroma Philippines Jun 20, 2013
olivia megan United States Mar 14, 2013
michael pelayo Philippines Dec 31, 2012
Jack S. Adan II Philippines Nov 30, 2012
Nurul Anis Malaysia Nov 13, 2012

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Recent Comments

  • Malaysia

    aya suhaida

    Feb 19, 2014

    to Big Bully China, SCS is not belong to you. It belongs to Malayo -polynesia archipelago. The philiipines (tawalisi), Brunei (Poni), Malaysia (malay states,Malacca) and Vietnam (Champa). All these countries is a real owner of SCS and have all righst to claim paracel island and spratly island so shut up. The chinese fisherman (ancient) is a real intruder and land grobbing from these countries so shut up.

  • Canada

    Free Dating sites

    Aug 10, 2013

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