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Save Jamaica's Cultural Landscape

This Petition closed on Nov 14, 2013

Save Jamaica's Cultural Landscape

Jamaica's natural beauty have attracted millions of tourists to our country for years. The romance and charm of our people, their lifestyle and the natural environment has been a magnet to people who want to get away from the skyscrapers and concrete life. The environment has yielded benefits to both residents, visitors and capitalists. Quickly, though, Jamaica is looking more like a little United States of America. The cultural landscape is being destroyed by American-like fast food chains, big hotels, etc. While convenience is important; and appropriate tourist capacity is needed, our development ought to be conscientious towards the cultural landscape. Furthermore, tourists and even Jamaican natives leave their home adopted homes to come to Jamaica, not America. There are many creative ways to build the capacity we need, the convenience we desire, and the benefits we seek while preserving BRAND Jamaica.

59 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Akelia Lawrence United States Dec 30, 2007
Anayah Rose United States Dec 30, 2007
Dennis Young United States Dec 30, 2007
Jermaine Samuels United States Dec 31, 2007
Howard Dunkley United States Dec 31, 2007
Nicole Barton Jamaica Dec 31, 2007
Damion Jamaica Jan 1, 2008
sharee harley Jamaica Jan 1, 2008
Zalika Jamaica Jan 1, 2008
Deneice Falconer Jamaica Jan 2, 2008
nickeisha reece United States Jan 3, 2008
jacob james Canada Jan 5, 2008
Kaedrea A. Jackson Jamaica Jan 5, 2008
Garrick Ewers United States Jan 6, 2008
Lavinia Warnars Netherlands Mar 8, 2008
Jessica Lauren L. Lambert United States Mar 20, 2008
Patrice Williams Jamaica Sep 5, 2008
Jonathan-Frank Canada Oct 4, 2008
Lindsay Jamaica Dec 16, 2008
aaren whiteside United States Mar 10, 2009
Vishalinee Canada May 2, 2009
kylie United States Dec 10, 2009
Kerah Bryant Jamaica May 28, 2010
Ellen Anderson United States Sep 12, 2010
Ricky Smith Argentina Sep 12, 2010
Mohamed Elkashash Egypt Feb 5, 2012
Farhad Iran Apr 17, 2012
Tamara Donaldson Canada Jul 13, 2012
kelisa Tanzania Feb 16, 2013
maryam habib Pakistan Feb 21, 2013
Betty Galvez El Salvador Aug 11, 2013
Daniel Lockett Vietnam Sep 11, 2013
Stefano Italy Sep 18, 2013
Arlene United Kingdom Nov 10, 2013
rlrndhr Russia Nov 19, 2013
Jake United States Nov 20, 2013
Juan Canada Nov 25, 2013
Inkyin Poland Nov 26, 2013
Khin Spain Nov 27, 2013
Norma Czech Republic Nov 28, 2013
Jeannene United States Nov 28, 2013
Brandon Wallace Canada Jan 21, 2014
Marni Roux Australia Jan 31, 2014
Hadassah Louis Zambia Apr 4, 2014
Lana Belarus Apr 21, 2014
Tscpwkyn United States May 4, 2014
Wdmzzqlp Isle of Man May 9, 2014
Anna Karro United States Jun 3, 2014
Andrea Pollard New Zealand Jun 7, 2014
tqnpmoevbr United States Jul 21, 2014
klyajakolyj Turkey Jul 28, 2014
Ffweowef Romania Jul 30, 2014
Vsofwefwef Sweden Aug 1, 2014
Vjsofwefw Iraq Aug 1, 2014
Vjsofwef Thailand Aug 3, 2014
Mike Bratley Canada Aug 4, 2014
Vjsowfweg Indonesia Aug 4, 2014
chfrlkjm Turkey Aug 9, 2014
Bjosdfwef Germany Aug 19, 2014

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  • The preservation of culture is crucial for the future generations to know their roots.

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