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The Great Declaration

The Great Declaration


A group of young people from Québec and around the world send out a call for commitment.
The Great Declaration proclaims the principles and values they wish to promote on a global scale. Its aim is to instill the desire for change and to stimulate involvement among citizens. Although primarily proposed by young people, its message is addressed to all generations.
Original in its content, the Great Declaration invites each signatory to personally commit to concrete action with a view to building a world that is more just, more open and more united.
The Great Declaration will be officially proclaimed
on August 12, 2008, on the occasion of the United
Nations' International Youth Day, to be held in Quebec City within the scope of its 400th anniversary.



Let us rise and voice what we want for today and the years to come.
We call upon every man and woman, in all walks of life, to take concrete action in order to build a world that is more
just, more open and more united.
Our actions, no matter how small, have an impact on education, politics, culture, health, the environment and the economy.
We, the heirs of humanity and responsible for future generations, declare that:
Education can allow us to live in a world that is more just.
Through education, each person has a better understanding of the world and develops the skills to access better living conditions.
Basic education must be accessible to all.


So that each person can learn to read, to write and to count.
Let us recognize that the family is the most conducive place to transmit values and knowledge
Let us facilitate the sharing of knowledge across the generational gap.
We must strive to keep on learning throughout our lives.
We believe that the role of education is to foster the development of critical thinking.
Critical thinking allows us to participate in society's debates, contribute new ideas and choose the most reliable sources
of information.


So that critical thinking can become a constructive tool.
Let us kindle people's desire to take action and become involved,
Let us encourage all to seek to be informed and to enrich their ideas with those of others.
Freedom of expression must be respected for it is an expression of our humanity.
All must be able to insist that their representatives be freely elected and be accountable to all.


So that each of us actively participates in our governments' and communities' choices.
Wherever there is dialogue; let us ensure that every point of view is respected.
We believe that all people are motivated by their culture and possess certain values.


To promote cultural diversity.
Let us disseminate and encourage cultural expression in all forms.
Let us be open to others and their ideas
It is time for each of us to participate in finding solutions to the health and poverty problems that affect a large part of
the world's population, especially women.


So that health promotion initiatives play an important role in school programs, community education and work
Let us share medical and food resources
Let us diffuse our knowledge and use the technologies so that each can access to quality health services and a safe
We consider that a healthy planet is essential to the development of humanity


So that our lifestyles are in harmony with our planet's ecosystems.
Let us show greater responsibility and awareness regarding the changes and any disturbances we cause.
Let us recognize the value of the environment and ecosystems.
Let us put in place green initiatives and take part in those that already exist in our communities.
For these objectives to be reached, wealth must be more fairly distributed: economic prosperity must be used to
contribute to greater social justice.
Our economic choices must be well-informed, solidary and respectful of the environment and human rights.
Each of us has the power to influence the economy, regardless of our roles.


For a better balance between economic development and social justice.
Let us encourage local producers.
Let us foster the development of fairer trade.
Let us take part in social economy initiatives where humans take precedence over profits.
Let us invest in socially responsible enterprises.
It is our duty to recognize, respect and promote human rights throughout the world.
We must recognize the collective rights of all people, including the first peoples and minority peoples.
Our daily actions must reflect those rights, for they ensure human dignity.
We are convinced that each and everyone must become involved in order to reach these goals of freedom, equity,
openness, respect, and solidarity.
Let us reject and denounce injustice.
Let us play a pivotal role for the future of humanity and of our planet.
In our own way, let each of us take a stand and act now!

119 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Joël Kalpram Australia Aug 29, 2012
harjas walia India Apr 27, 2012
Bamisebi olawale Nigeria Apr 9, 2012
منظمة مجموعة حريات للتنمية وحقوق الانسان Libya Apr 8, 2012
Belinda Bal South Africa Apr 7, 2012
Teagan Hickey Australia Mar 8, 2012
Marli Lopez-Hope Australia Mar 8, 2012
mwiinga edwin Zambia Feb 28, 2012
khotso Lesotho Jan 16, 2012
Farhad Iran Nov 9, 2011
Dalene Valorie United States Dec 2, 2010
Asuka Kondoh United States Oct 5, 2010
Arjun Subedi Nepal Aug 9, 2010
Henry Nigeria Apr 4, 2010

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