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The time has come coach Bowden

The time has come coach Bowden

The time has come Coach Bowden:

To our beloved Coach Bobby Bowden, this is not an easy request to make for any true Seminole fan, but the time has come.
You have given us so many memorable moments and your legacy as one of the greatest coaches in the long and storied history of college football is irrevocable. The impact you have had on so many young men, the community of Tallahassee and Florida State University will forever be cherished and never forgotten. You will forever be remembered for all of your accomplishments and the values you have promoted and shared with every player, fan and member of the Florida State University community. The story of your life and the accomplishments you have achieved in your chosen profession is and will always be an inspiration to every person who seeks to understand the real definition of success, which is not simply measured in wins and losses but, more importantly, by the quality of character and what that person's success means to the people he touches and the community he serves Each and every Seminole fan in some way is a better person and has the gift of decades of special moments and memories because of you. You have meant so much more to so many of us than just being a great football coach. You have changed lives, touched individuals and given Seminole fans and players pride and memories that will last a lifetime. In years past, we have all shared the pain and emotion of your biggest disappointments from heart-breaking wide rights to greatest triumphs and moments of incredible Seminole pride when reaching the mountaintop in winning two national championships. What a ride it has been, old friend. Regardless of what the future brings, you will always be the Head coach in spirit of Seminole Nation. You are a living legend and we salute you for all you have meant and will always continue to mean to us. While fate has not seen fit to allow the storybook ending to such a distinguished coaching career that we know you and many of us have been hoping could have been we as Seminole fans look forward to seeing you off to the next chapter in your life as our most cherished former Coach and will always be grateful for all you have given to each and every one of us. You have helped lay the blueprint for the future of Florida State football by seeing us through this coaching transition, and now it is time to take the training wheels off the new management and let them take full responsibility for the progress and direction of the football program. It’s been a heck of a ride, Coach Bowden, and there is no amount of thanks we as alumni, players or fans could ever express to adequately say thank you for all the memories. So it is out of the deepest respect, loyalty and concern for your legacy and our beloved Florida State Seminole program that we now ask you to step down and let the future of Florida State football emerge from the celebrated past you have contributed so much to and the pride you have brought to all of Seminole nation. Thanks for all you have given us, Coach Bowden.

Sincerely Seminole Nation,

78 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Kenneth Rice United States Dec 11, 2008
Justin Hall United States Dec 11, 2008
Jimbo Fisher United States Dec 11, 2008
Joe Paterno United States Dec 11, 2008
John Tomlinson United States Dec 11, 2008
Mike United States Dec 11, 2008
Peter North Cote D'Ivoire Dec 9, 2008
Myles Brand United States Dec 8, 2008
Dorthy Williams Canada Dec 8, 2008
Peter Grifith Falkland Islands Dec 8, 2008
Paul Reubens France Dec 8, 2008
Mike Hunt Congo Dec 7, 2008
jack United Kingdom Dec 7, 2008
Rouge Tutor Austria Dec 7, 2008

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