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Save Darfur Canada UNAMID

Save Darfur Canada UNAMID


Canada's contribution to date has been but a drop in the bucket of the $1.5 billion UNAMID will cost in its first year alone.


Q: What is UNAMID?
A: The joint African Union (AU) - United Nations (UN) mission being deployed to Darfur. It is one of the biggest missions in peacekeeping history, with a projected operations budget of $1.5 billion this year alone.

Q: What is UNAMID going to be doing?
A: UNAMID is charged with protecting vulnerable civilian populations and humanitarian operations in Darfur. Since 2003, the Government of Sudan and its proxy militia the Janjaweed have launched attacks on villages in Darfur to suppress political opposition. In the process, millions of innocent civilians have been caught in the violence - more than 300,000 people have died and another 3 million have been displaced. Civilians have become the targets of armed militia and government attacks. UNAMID will mostly be protecting people living in humanitarian aid camps, until those people can safely return to their homes.

Q: Why should Canadians care about UNAMID?
A: Canada has been working alongside the international community for two years to get a UN mission on the ground. We were also the 4th biggest donor to the AU mission before it - but the AU didn't have enough peacekeepers or resources to effectively protect civilians or to stop the fighting. Canada talked the talk to get the UN there to supplement the AU mission - and now it's time to walk the walk and support it financially. Without commitments from international donors, this mission will fail.

Q: Has Canada pledged funds to UNAMID yet?
A: In August 2007, Canada committed $48 million to UNAMID - but that won't go very far. As one of the richest countries in the world, we have the resources to increase our contribution. We committed over $200 billion to the AU mission in 2005... let's more than match that number in pledges to UNAMID by year's end!

Q: Why now?
A: UNAMID is supposed to be fully operational by December 31st - but it's lacking essential funding to make it happen. The Government of Sudan has also managed to delay the mission planning on many fronts, and the international community hasn't adequately held it to account. With the December 31st deadline looming, it's time for Canada to act!

For more information on UNAMID and what Canada can do, see the following sites:





42 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
The Darfur/ Sudan Peace Network Canada Nov 28, 2007
Sarah Frame Jan 8, 2008
Sydney United States May 3, 2008
Ilan Tsekhman Canada Jun 18, 2008
Amane Canada Jul 22, 2008
Marie Ang Canada Sep 15, 2008
Roberta Peressini Canada Sep 30, 2008
Samie Durnford Canada Nov 14, 2008
gone Canada Nov 20, 2008
Segun Oni Canada Mar 3, 2009
Danish Khan MCSE, MCT, MCTS, MCITP, MCP, CompTIA A+ & CompTIA Network+ Certified Saudi Arabia May 11, 2009
Caitlyn Browning Canada May 13, 2009
Michaele-Sue Goldblatt Canada Jun 3, 2009
Donna Habsha Canada Jun 3, 2009
Anushka T Canada Jun 17, 2009
Netherlands Jun 17, 2009
barbara sandler Canada Jun 23, 2009
Lisa Rosen Canada Jun 24, 2009
Raisa Bhuiyan Canada Jun 27, 2009
Rachel Iskov Canada Jun 28, 2009
Avy Oaknine Canada Sep 10, 2009
m pazdrak Canada Oct 15, 2009
Nancy Roussy Canada Jan 28, 2011
Danuta Watola Poland Jan 29, 2011
Scott.Dyck Canada Jul 24, 2011
Kaylee bass Canada Jan 16, 2012
priyadarshini India Jul 30, 2014
luidji France Jan 12, 2015
AbdulAziz S.O. Nigeria Jan 31, 2015
Azmaan India May 31, 2015
Frederick Kojo Ameye Ghana Jun 8, 2015
Bailah Molleh Sierra Leone Sep 30, 2015
dolly Canada Nov 23, 2015
Mohamed Ndonga Christian Chad Nov 24, 2015
Goodluck Ajike Nigeria Jul 28, 2016
JimmiXzS Isle of Man Oct 14, 2016
Abimbola Oladele Nigeria Aug 12, 2017
Hubert Were Kenya Aug 18, 2017
Judix Isle of Man Aug 6, 2018
Jqegbmmf France Nov 12, 2018
ANSARULLAH ALLY Rwanda Nov 14, 2023
Dash Algeria Apr 8, 2024

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  • Kenya

    Hubert Were

    Aug 18, 2017

    We need Peace

  • Peace is a fundamental right we all deserve, no one should be denied that.

  • It has taken too long now

  • Sierra Leone

    Bailah Molleh

    Sep 30, 2015

    Every nation deserve the right to peace

  • Come to table, let's talk and agree for Peace to prevail because Peace brings development. Let's all Unite.

  • Nigeria

    AbdulAziz S.O.

    Jan 31, 2015

    Patriotic Youth Organization of Nigeria ask the International Communities to have a re-think.