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Stop Illegal Income Tax Collection - Remove IRS

Stop Illegal Income Tax Collection - Remove IRS

Few people realize that the IRS, started in 1913, is not a legal governmental structure. The IRS illegally forces the payment of income taxes, using a form of land-piracy. Thus far, our government has been unable and/or unwilling to stand up to the IRS, yet "we the people" have every constitutional right to shut them down, permanently. There are enough state taxes gathered on goods and services to pay for schools and infrastructure. Most of the taxes gathered unconstitutionally by the IRS, ends up unaccounted for. Please sign this petition, and together we can end piracy in the United States of America.

19 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Shannon Lee Wolf Nov 27, 2008
Kristina United States Nov 27, 2008
yacob noiman United States Nov 27, 2008
Diana Browne United States Jan 12, 2009
Virginia Pomata United States Feb 13, 2009
Paul United States Mar 27, 2009
John G Hatem, MSgt, USAF,ret United States Mar 27, 2009
Gary Norman United States Apr 2, 2009
WilliamWallace Australia Dec 19, 2009
ruben armijo United States Aug 12, 2011
Chriss Martorelli United States Dec 28, 2012
kellie United States Feb 14, 2013
Joel Barr United States Jun 2, 2013
Rodger Rylant United States Jun 11, 2013
Charles parsons United States Jul 11, 2013
jimmi shinault United States Jun 10, 2014
slljxl Turkey Jul 4, 2014
Merziuz Isle of Man Dec 11, 2020
Brian United States Jun 23, 2022

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