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No Rabbits in PetSmart stores!

No Rabbits in PetSmart stores!

The goal of this petition is aimed at stopping PetSmart stores around the globe from selling rabbits in their stores. Dogs and Cats have been regarded as 'companion' animals and therefore not sold in any of PetSmart stores. Until recently, PetSmart held the same regard for rabbits. They have now decided to sell Rabbits in their stores based on 'demand' for said animals, however no demand is strong enough for them to agree to cats and dogs. Rabbits are now deemed as 'companion' animals around the globe. Many rabbits are kept exactly as a cat or dog would, with free run, litter box etc. Rabbits are the third most relinquished animals in shelters and a countless number are euthanized every day just as others are in shelters. Many people are very uneducated when it comes to caring for a quite delicate and high-maintenance pet, as rabbits undoubtedly are. Please help me with this petition to change their recent decision. Rabbits are meant to be adopted just as cats and dogs, and NOT housed and sold out of cages in pet store windows. Please help to stop Rabbits from being bought and (often frequently) released into the wild or left in shelters when their owners realize just how much work is involved in caring for these beautiful creatures.

32 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Dawn K. Brace Canada Dec 6, 2007
Geoffrey Johnson Canada Dec 6, 2007
Michael Hogard Canada Dec 7, 2007
B. Brace Canada Dec 10, 2007
Mel Australia Mar 1, 2008
Zuesa Canada Oct 22, 2008
sheradyn Canada Dec 10, 2008
Elaine United Kingdom Jan 4, 2009
allie United States Jan 11, 2009
Samantha McFadden United Kingdom Jan 25, 2009
ashby Canada Jun 3, 2009
taylor United States Jul 31, 2009
Valerie Gibson Canada Aug 13, 2009
Joanne Canada Nov 7, 2009
Nancy Roussy Canada Feb 17, 2011
Mette Kissell Norway Feb 17, 2011
Danuta Watola Poland Feb 17, 2011
Craig M. United States Feb 17, 2011
Kathy Precht United States Feb 17, 2011
Chris Beal United Kingdom Feb 17, 2011
Kit Ho United States Feb 17, 2011
Shenita Etwaroo United States Aug 6, 2011
Sarah Podry United States Nov 25, 2013
JimmiXS Isle of Man Aug 14, 2016
Barnypok Isle of Man Dec 31, 2016
HarrybeauM United Kingdom Apr 5, 2023
Gregorycib Dominican Republic Apr 5, 2023
Andrewdit Tunisia Apr 5, 2023
Ernestdug Guyana Apr 9, 2023
HectorIrony Nicaragua Apr 9, 2023
Scottfet Greenland Apr 10, 2023
Nathantum Slovenia Apr 11, 2023

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