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Conference of Water

Conference of Water

We are children and youngs around the world. Would like ask our schools, communities, government to keep the safety of water. Not made pollution. Made more children, youngs of schools to know the Importance of Water. Or joint the Conference of Water for Children & Youngs.
http://w3.testmtc.etp.edu.tw/kid0419/ then key " Conference of Water"

13 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
Mouse2 Taiwan Mar 15, 2004
Shein Can Sin Taiwan Mar 15, 2004
ikopi moleko Feb 15, 2012
Amna Javed Pakistan Mar 10, 2012
Savoury Chef Canada Nov 18, 2014
HarrybeauM United Kingdom Apr 5, 2023
Andrewdit Tunisia Apr 5, 2023
Gregorycib Dominican Republic Apr 5, 2023
Ernestdug Guyana Apr 9, 2023
HectorIrony Nicaragua Apr 9, 2023
Scottfet Greenland Apr 10, 2023
Nathantum Slovenia Apr 10, 2023
Ernastdug Guyana Jul 31, 2023

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