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Youth Skills Work

This Petition closed on Dec 1, 2013

Youth Skills Work

With a fifth of young people in developing countries without even primary school skills to their name, it is unclear how they are supposed to find work that pays them a decent wage. Even in developing countries, young people often drop out of secondary school and lack the skills they need to find dignified jobs. Those lucky enough to go to school often find that education systems are not relevant to work, and young people end up looking for jobs with no work experience or relevant skills to their name. This leaves one in eight young people unemployed; One in four are forced to take work paying them little more than a poverty wage just to survive.

I am joining this campaign with the Global Monitoring Report on Education for all because I want governments to help us 'put education to work'. I’ve had enough; young people want to work in dignified jobs. It is time for governments to help us learn relevant skills for work so that we can contribute to building a better future for tomorrow.

Yes, it does cost money to invest in education and to pay for training for young people who missed out on education the first time around. And yes it is hard to reach young people in rural areas, and to break down the barriers affecting young women’s chances of having an education. But just because it’s hard, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. The Global Monitoring Report shows that educating young people like me is good business sense. $1 invested in our education and in giving us skills will pay back at least tenfold by the benefits we can plough back into your economy.

By signing my name I’m calling to all governments to recognize the potential in the millions of young people within their borders. Give us a chance and we can be the change generation for your country tomorrow.

146 people signed the petition

Name Country Date
yrcixvsmw Russia Sep 6, 2013
Magezi Bashir Uganda Aug 19, 2013
Hannah United States Jul 1, 2013
MARTIN NTLHE Botswana Apr 25, 2013
ChrisDryden Peru Apr 22, 2013
nedaa basheer Palestine Mar 24, 2013
Tsering D.Sherpa Nepal Feb 22, 2013
caringdevice Nepal Feb 15, 2013
Nicole Comforto United States Feb 6, 2013
Junaid rasheed Pakistan Feb 6, 2013
Hasmik Armenia Feb 6, 2013
srosh anwar Pakistan Feb 6, 2013
naushadhussain India Feb 6, 2013
RealStart South Africa Feb 5, 2013

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